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  • Your Spending Planner.
    Whether you have just secured your first job
  • Your Spending Planner.
    or happily retired,
  • Your Spending Planner.
    or somewhere in between,
  • Your Spending Planner.
    a spending plan will help you
  • Your Spending Planner.
    take the stress out of your finances,
  • Your Spending Planner.
    give you financial control
  • Your Spending Planner.
    and maximise your spending power.

Spending Plans – Plan Your Spending, Plan Your Future

Brad Mander - Your Spending Planner provides a fully personalised, ethical, education based service which will most likely revolutionize the way you manage your personal finances. We are acutely aware of the anxiety that dealing with money issues can provoke. We will help make you feel at ease through the whole process. As a result of our education and coaching service you will feel empowered moving forward to manager your money successfully as you head towards achieveing your ultimate financial goals.


At no time are we in control of your money! We will just make suggestions, if needed, as to how you may be able to manage it better. Using a powerful online money management tool, you will instantly see how your finances are looking for the upcoming 12 months. Once your spending plan is established, we ensure that you know how to manage it yourself including being able to make adjustments to it as required through the coaching & accountability part of our service.


Why would you budget when you can have your own spending plan!


Having your own spending plan will provide you with a financial roadmap which will not only take the guesswork out of managing your finances, it will also minimize your financial stress. Ultimately it will maximize your spending power and isn’t that something we all would like.




So whether you have just left school and secured your first job or retired or somewhere in between, a spending plan is for you.


Unfortunately the amount of money you earn does not dictate how smoothly your finances will run. No matter what your income, a spending plan will make you focus on the money that you do have coming in. Creating a spending plan will show you exactly what lifestyle you can comfortably afford no matter what your income is and it will help you to stay out of the financial ‘debt trap’ even if your income is a challenge.


As Spending Planners we will:


  • Guide you every step of the way to ensure the spending plan that we create actually works for you.
  • Look at your current financial setup paying particular attention as to how your bank accounts are structured.
  • Examine what your expenses are and how you pay them. This will give me an indication as to how your cash flow is working for you.
  • Assist you to create a spending plan that actually gives you back financial control.
  • Guide you in making changes to your spending plan as your circumstances change.
  • Provide ongoing support as we monitor your progress and provide the accountability that will assist you in sticking to the plan and will follow up with you on a regular basis to offer assistance in fine tuning the spending plan in accordance with what you want to achieve.
  • Provide you with exemplary, personalized customer care.


To discuss further how a spending plan will assist you, please contact me on 0413 587 120. Alternatively you may request a call back or complete an online enquiry and I will follow you up at a time that suits you.


Getting a spending plan from Brad Mander - Your Spending Planner now comes with a 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARENTEE.

If you don’t feel you are at least twice your initial contract fee what you paid us better off after working with us for 12 months, we will refund every cent you paid to Brad Mander – Your Spending Planner*… in full. NO questions asked!** This includes both the setup fee and the coaching / accountability fees.

*Unfortunately, with the online version of the software, as it is from a third party provider, a refund on it is not possible. At this moment in time access to the on line software is free anyway!

** You must be working with me, Brad Mander – Your Spending Planner and have an active spending plan and have participated for a full 12 months of my continuous coaching / mentoring and accountability service.
There you have it, risk free. So much to gain and so little to loose.