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It's Your Money Ralph - Adult Presentations & Workshops




The It's Your Money Ralf presentations & workshops for adults were developed in August 2016 in response to a perceived lack of knowledge within the wider community regarding some of the basics concepts dealing with money managent and financial literacy.


The presentaions & workshops run for upto 2 hours in duration but can be customised accoring to your time constraints. The presentations are very intereactive in design. 


Participants will leave the presentations & workshops equiped with practical tools that they can use to better manage their own finances from today moving forward, tools that will help them create positive, lifelong habits in money managemnent.


Content covered:

  • What the statistics tell us
  • Personal Finances 101
  • Want vs Needs
  • The 6 types of expenses
  • Planning your spend, plan your future
  • What your bank balance DOESN’T tell us
  • Protecting yourself financially from
  • Emergency Funds, like an insurance policy?
  • When is a saving not really a saving?
  • The cost of loyalty
  • Good debt, Bad debt
  • Methods used to payoff debt
  • Different savings strategies
  • Setting financial goals
  • No brainers, money saving tips
  • Money Wasters
  • What we all should be aiming for
  • Where to from here. Where to get further help andadvice


Download a copy of the "It's Your Money Ralph" flyer.


Timetable of Upcoming "It's Your Money Ralph" Presentations 2017

  • August 24, 2017 - Woori Yallock Community House. 7:00pm  - 9:00pm. Phone (03) 5964 6857 to book your seat.

If you believe that the members of your community group could benefit from such a presentaion please contact me to discuss further.