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Spending Planner Service




Success With Money is something we all strive for, yet way too many people never actually achieve that goal. We all try to do the best we can with our money but the point where we feel we have achieved financial freedom seems to be a long way off.


As your Spending Planner I am part of a team and can personally make sure you get the education, tools, practical training, coaching and personal assistance to help stack the odds seriously in your favour so you can be Successful with Money and live with little or no money stress while having the fullest possible life-style that you will love and other’s will envy.


What I can do for you:

  1. I will take the time to get to know you and your financial situation
  2. I will help identify your current financial position
  3. I will look at your bank account structure to see how your money currently flows so we can assist you to identify the best account set-up for you
  4. I will take you one step at a time through the process of setting up your own personal Spending Plan that will revolutionise the way you live with money.
  5. I will analyse your Spending Plan with you to be sure you are happy it is going to achieve the outcomes and goals you desire
  6. I will regularly ‘check-in’ with you to give you accountability to your Spending Plan and to make sure it is working and when necessary, assist you in making any necessary changes.
  7. I have a team of specialists who can review all your loans and insurance to determine whether you are paying the most competitive rates with the most suitable products
  8. I can thoroughly go over any other areas of your finances not covered in setting up your Spending Plan and offer any advice we see as being appropriate for your longer term financial well-being so you can live the life of your dreams much sooner.
  9. I can offer Educational Workshops, Seminars and Educational Courses to further your knowledge of Financial Matters.

From our very first appointment you will understand where you have been going wrong and how simple it can be to put things right. You will never regret making the appointment and your family will thank you for years to come.