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September 2016.

Before we started our spending plan, we couldn't put our finger on where our finances were going wrong. When Brad Mander introduced us to Simply Budgets and having a spending plan created we realised what was wrong.

It was simple to understand and easy to follow. 


It has reduced our financial stress and given us a clear picture of our income and expenditure without affecting our lifestyle. It has definitely made me aware of unnecessary expenses I used to make every week which over a period of time has built up and stressed me out.


Brad has been an excellent, enthusiastic and dedicated mentor. He has always encouraged and guided us to get closer to our financial goal of saving for our dream house. The best part we think is the "check in" time where every week you review your own balance sheet and get prepared for tbe upcoming week.


We highly recommend having Simply Budgets and especially Brad as your spending planner for the high level of service that he provides.

Shradhdha & Donald C.- Endeavour Hills


Hello Brad,

I want to thank you for helping me to get my finances in order.  It is such a great relief to know that if I stick to my budget, I will be okay.   You have given me hope.  My finances were really getting the better of me.  Your professionalism and non judgemental approach to my predicament has made the process painless.  I now feel like I can breathe and look forward to a much brighter future.  Knowing that you will be checking on my progress periodically is a comfort.  Thank you again.  Kind regards,

Pam - Boronia, Victoria


Hi Brad
Thank you for helping me get on top of my money woes.  Now I truly feel at ease knowing there is more money at the end of the week than week at the end of the money.
Thanks for guiding and coaching me to a better approach in handling my money and helping me restructure my bank accounts so they are tailored to my specific needs.Being accountable for my spending on a weekly basis has made me aware of the things I can afford or cannot afford. 
Brad, since you have been coaching me with my spending /banking habits I now have money in the bank and more peace of mind for my future. Thank you.
Tony O - Prahran, Victoria